Every decade has its stars. This post will talk about the 5 best dirt bikes that were available in the market in the 1990s like the 1999 KTM 250 EXC/MXC and the. Keep reading to find out about them. They’re in no particular order.



A supremely great desert bike although used a lot as a motocrosser, there were very few things you could not like about it. It was introduced in 1987 and won every Baja 1000 (desert racing championship from ‘88 to ‘97. The bike was widely loved in the decade and only got a few upgrades like an upside down fork in 1990 and a new crank and ignition in 1992. It remained unchanged till the end of that decade.


1991 HONDA XR250L

It started off as a dirt bike but soon became street-legal unlike other Honda bikes which usually went the other way around. It was a rage at the time it was released. Even though it was short lived, people still have high regards for the bike. Most of the models that have survived to this day are still running which speaks volumes about the kind of bike it is.



This bike was the complete package in that period compared to its competitors like the Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki with their problems in suspension and power. Many racers rode this bike to victory. The 1995 model was quite good and anyone who raced with this bike had a big cahnce of winning.


1999 KTM 250 EXC/MXC

The 250cc class hardly had 7-8 bikes and if anyone did a comparison, this bike would win each time. By the turn of the millennium, people stopped comparing because the answer was always the same. From its inception to 1999, the bike retained its consistence and did not make too many major changes and is still not too different from the current version.


1999 YAMAHA YZ250

Through most of the ‘90s, the YZ250 was solid and reliable, but not quite fast enough to win magazine shootouts. The 1999 model wasn’t that much better when it came out, but it was the first year of the motor configuration that is still produced today. It was easy to get more power out of the YZ and the handling wasn’t half bad. To this day, there are lots of YZ250s from the ‘90s still running well.

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