You’ve heard these terms before but never knew what they meant, right? I mean, it’s so confusing! Terms like engine displacement, torque and revolutions can make any person who is not well-versed with the mechanics of a bike scratch their heads in agony.

But you’re interested in Motocross, right? So then, you definitely need to know at least the basic differences between a 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes.

In very simple terms.


The Difference:

The basic distinction between the two types comes down to power. Due to the way a 2-stroke works, it produces twice the amount of power a 4-stroke produces in bikes of the same class (i.e. 125, 250, 400 so on).

Two-strokes: There are two processes involved here — Compression and Combustion. Which means, the engine fires and the spark plug ignites once every revolution (here it is!). There are fewer moving parts and hance the bikes are lighter and easier to work on.

The unpredictable power can be overwhelming to some and it all depends on your experience and skill. They’re also much cheaper than its counterpart.

Pros: Less moving parts, cheaper to maintain, easier to work on, nimble and lightweight, easier to ride.

Cons: Require a mixture containing premix oil and gas, not environment friendly, huge emission of harmful gases, unpredictable power delivery.

Four-strokes: This engine has four processes involved in it — intake, compression, combustion and exhaust. It fires once every two revolutions. Unlike the 2-stroke, the power can be controlled and is predictable. The reasonnis because there are more parts to the engine and henc the maintanance costs go up and so does the weight and price of the bike.

Pros: Require a mixture containing premix oil and gas, not environment friendly, tend to last a long time, fuel-effiicient.

Cons: More moving parts, costlier to maintain, extremely loud, much heavier, easier to ride.

Watch this for a clearer understanding of the insides of the engine works.

We hope your confusion has reduced quite a lot after reading this article. It wasn’t too difficult, was it?

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