Disc 1 – BAR TO BAR 2015

The annual mega-race that is the FIM World Championship, aka the Monster Energy AMA Supercross took place in 2015 with much fanfare and a true sporty fervor. Veterans, newbies and those desperate to make a mark in the field of Motocrossing raced to the coveted cup. The DVD has stored the entire event for posterity – from different angles, along with expert feedback and commentary. It includes insightful interviews from the likes of Ken Roczen, Trey Canard, Eli Tomac, among others. With the true backstory of these events, letting you in on the action, how it takes place, what feelings run through riders before, during and after the races and so much more packed into one Disc. You will definitely want to rewind it again and again!

Disc 2 – MOTO 7

When it comes to races and big motocross events, all we get to see are riders, fitted in their garb with their bikes, ready to take on the track. With Moto 7, you get to understand the stories behind the visors. All the greatest motocrossing stars – including Ken Roczen, Jason Anderson, Ryan and Justin Sipes, Marvin Musqin and Colton Haaker, among others take us to into their private lives. We get to see where they race, how they race and watch in amusement as stunts that we feel like badasses just doing them on a regular bicycle, are performed with ease and precision. Once you are done watching Moto 7, you will really gain a deeper respect for these guys. For them, Motocrossing isn’t just a sport, it’s their life and they have been so gracious to let you in on all the action. This is a must-watch, must see film that is meant for the archives.


Another great DVD that is a prized possession of anyone even remotely interested in the sport. This is a rewind in itself – back to the past when it all began. There are experts in the field who will tell you about the story of Motocrossing – how it turned from an amateur sport into one of the gnarliest games that the world has seen. Interviews are included with the likes of Ricky Carmichael, Ryan Dungey, Sara Price and so many more.This DVD is literally about taking you behind the visor, onto the field and into the exhilarating sport that is Motocrossing.

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