Motocross is a dangerous sport and you must definitely have protection to shield yourself from the inevitable accidents and injuries that you will encounter while riding.

So what’s the basic requirements for safety gear? Read on and find out.

Helmet: This is an obvious one. Nothing is more vulnerable and crucial than your head. Other body parts have a much better chance of healing than your head if any injury takes place. This is the single most important piece of protection you will buy. Hell, you must buy a helmet even if you’re riding a normal bike on the safest road on Earth. So, buying a helmet if you’re a motocross racer is not even a question.

Goggles: This should be worn at all time while riding. YES! Even while practicing. Get used to wearing this and it won’t be a distraction at all when you’re racing. This is important because during races, there’s a lot of dust and grime that will hit your face and your eyes must be shielded from that. Comfort is also an important part. So, try different brands and find one that you’re most comfortable with. Also, while buying, be sure to get Tear-Off’s with them as they’ll instantly give you clear vision after being hit with bullet like dust and rocky particles.

Neck Brace: Your torso and especially the back is often overlooked when it comes to protection. The spine, if not more or same, but is as important as your head. An injury to the neck or back can cripple you for life. Try not buying neck-donuts since they prove to be worthless. Instead, opt for a high-quality neck brace and you will find it to be priceless.

Chest/Back Protector: They’re also known as ‘Roost Deflectors’ and are highly recommended to be a part of your safety gear. There are many other types too. It can help cushion or dissipate the energy a crash can generate, minimizing damage to your internals organs.

Clothing: You need to wear long-sleeved shirts. 100% cotton is fine as it’s cooler than other materials but it fades soon. Jeans are not an issue since racing pants are not compulsory. But you might need to buy them eventually.

Limb Protection: In order to keep your limbs safe, gloves are a must. Knee and elbow braces might not be mandatory but are always helpful. Moto socks are a recent and a very cool invention which helps prevent chaffin from knee braces which will definitely occur. So, buy them if you want to avoid that. A high-quality pair of boots is always reccomended and it should protect your ankles, lower leg and of course, the foot area.

Buy ones which are not heavy on your arms and legs as they will affect your coordination skills. But, don’t buy cheap ones either.

One more thing.

Do not ever, ever, EVER forget that safety is more important than any race or championship in the world. Nothing is worth sacrificing that. Happy safe riding racers!

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