The helmet is probably the most important safety gear you can have in your armory. Without it, you are endangering your life severely since accidents are inevitable in a sport like Motocross. To protect yourself from life-threatening injuries, you must buy helmets that are of good quality. There are popular brands that sell high quality helmets. Let’s have a look at them.

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Fly Racing

It was established in 1998 as a company producing handlebars and helmets for Motocross but expanded to making MX apparel, tools and ramps too. In a span of 17 years, it quickly rose to become one of the top Motocross helmet manufacturing companies in the world. Fly Racing products are distributed in over 40+ countries. It has now become one of the most well-known names to provide helmets and other gear in motocross, off-road, ATV, snowmobiling among others. It has also sponsored popular Pro MX racers like Trey Canard, Andrew Short among many others. The company believes in high performance, peak functionality, and quality innovation and design.


Bell Helmets

With a legacy dating back to 1923, Bell Helmets is a part of the largest helmet manufacturing family in North America to this day. The name might carry a bit of the ‘old-world charm’ to it, but thee current collection is every bit modern as it can get. It provides helmets for every level and theme of racer in motorsports and cycling. It is said that more champions have worn Bell helmets than any other brand which speaks volumes about the reliability and quality of helmets. Their helmets come with extreme research and development put into them. While they may be a heritage brand, they’re still relevant to today’s MX rider. Bell Helmets are headquartered at Scotts Valley, California where it is also designed, prototyped and tested.


Foxhead Helmets

This started in 1974 with a focus on motocross and dirtbike parts. The company took off to an unprecedented level after racers were seen wearing some of the most advanced and stylish looking MX gear they’d seen. This brand has also been used widely amongst supercross champions. Their mission has always been to make the smartest & most advanced helmets in Motocross and continue to push themselves with respect to their engineering, design and technology. For high quality protection in their helmets, they’ve incorporated the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) which is a layer that dempans crash force and decreases stress to the brain.


Troy Lee Designs

Thirty years ago, the idea was initially thought out by a teenger after whom the company is named. Today, Troy Lee Designs is creating some of the best helmets and other gears for MX racers. Not only is it comfortable and made out of the best material which makes it such a great quality helmet, it also makes some of the most stylish helmets that are on the market today. Troy started out by making stellar designs on customized MX helmets and now, his company is making some of the most popular helmets coveted by MX racers all over US and the world.



Founded by Motorcycle legend Malcolm Smith, it started off as a small time accessories business that dealt with importing throttle and braking cables and now, it manufactures almost everything a motocross rider needs. From jerseys to protection gear and other accessories, it provides a complete line of products to off-road, competition and adventure bikers and are of top-notch quality and design. Although their specialty is making hard parts, their helmets are known to last a very long time and are also very stylish.


While buying accessories and safety gear for your motocross needs, always buy the helmet first and everything else later. The above brands are really good places to start with and will give you a product worthy of your money.

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