10 motocross kings of all time
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Stefan Everts


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Rider from Belgium, Stefan Everts, went on to win 10 championships before retiring from the sport in 2006. He holds a total of 101 wins during his career. Post retirement, he went on to become the race director for the KTM factory team.

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Ryan Dungey


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A fierce competitor in the AMA Supercross and Motorcross championships is Ryan Dungey. He is presently the 450 motocross and supercross champion. An amazing feat to achieve at the age of 26. He is known for having won all possible titles in motocross at the young age of 24.

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Chad Reed


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Chad Mark Reed of the American – Australian origin has won the motocross and supercross championships multiple times. He moved to America in 2002 and that was the start to his impressive career in the world of motocross and supercross. He went on to win two AMA supercross championships and one AMA motocross championship.

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Jeff Ward


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The flying freckle, Jeff Ward, is a 7 time championship holder. He also showed penache in auto racing and off roading. Post retiring form motocross, he went on to compete in the Indianapolis 500 series, later moved to off road truck racing and currently competes in the rallycross racing. He went on to join the Motorcycle Hall of fame in the year 1999.

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Roger De Coster

roger decoster

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Another championship winner from Belgium is Roger De Coster. Aptly known as ‘The Man’ in the racing circuit for the grit he demonstrated during his era of racing. He is famous for his smooth and controlled style of riding, which are only showcased by a few. Post retirement he went on to manage some of the best teams like Suzuki and Honda.

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