As a beginner, tires are often overlooked for a swanky new bike with the latest engine and whacky apparel to stand out in the crowd. But if you take a bike with the wrong tires, there’s a definite chance that you will lose your races or not even complete it!

So here’s a simple rundown on how to look for the right pair of tires for your bike.


Different bike tires are meant for different terrains — soft, intermediate and hard. Each has a different shape, rubber, compound, material and tread patterns to match the needs of that terrain  and gets the maximum traction.. Read on to find out which tire suits your terrain.


Hard Terrain


A dry, hard, rocky terrain will need a tire with a soft outer rubber compound with a dense tread pattern and knobs will be shorter and closer to each other which will give you a better grip and traction on hard surfaces.


Things to look for:

Shorter, more densely packed knobs

Rounder profile for more tire contact with firm ground


Intermediate Terrain


The tires in this category are made to fit both hard and soft terrains. It’s usually recommended if you are riding in places which is a mixture of both hard and soft terrains. Enduro bikes have such tires as they have to travel long distances on all kinds of terrains.


Things to look for:

Taller and closer knobs than the ones in a soft-terrain tire but not as short or dense than the ones in a hard-terrain tire


Soft Terrain


The knobs will be more spread out to allow faster evacuation of sand and mud from the treads. The front and rear tires tend to have a more distinct appearance. The former has a more ‘spiky’ appearance to corner and hold a line in the toose terrain and the latter has a more ‘paddle’ like appearance the wade throught the soft stuff in the terrain.


Things to look for:

Wide, taller knobs

Paddle and spiky appearance for the read and front respectively

Harder skeleton than other types to hold their shape


Dual Sport

These tires are meant for street legal dirt bikes. They need to have both 0ff-road and on-road performance. There are tires which are more dirt and less road oriented and even vice versa, depending on your choices.


Things to look for:

Stable tread pattern in the center for highway riding

Hard-terrain like outer edge for better grip in off-road riding

Hard skeleton for better shape on both roads.


Other types:

Paddle tires – Designed specifically for sandy terrain, most hardcore sand riders use this type of tire. They’re strong & aggressive and their large wide-spaced rubber scoops will give you the best traction possible in the dunes. However, this is of no use in any other terrain.


Colored – Pimp up your tires with colored, camo motocross riders which are designed for flashy and flamboyant riders. They’re costlier than the usual ones though.

Now that we’ve shed some light on the types of tires your bike needs, go forth and buy the right one to have exhilarating experiences with your bikes.

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