Born in 1975, a young Carey Hart got his first motorcycle at the age of 4 from his father. Life in the fast lane took over since then. He was apparently competing in competitions by the age of 8 – and there has been no stopping him.

Carey Hart is probably going to be known as the rebel of motocross. He was one of the first riders who took freestyle motocrossing upon himself and started showcasing never-before-seen stunts on the dirt road. In a monumental move for any rider, Hart was the first person to perform the superman seat grab – a stunt that involves jumping to the back of the bike while it is mid-air and grabbing on the back of the seat.

Take a look at this iconic moment – the first time Hart does a backflip…

Cary Hart is also the first person to come up with his own stunt, known as the HART ATTACK. It is also known as “inverted superman”.

Though the super biker has since retired from professional drag racing, he is still very much on the scene as an entrepreneur, husband and father. His better half is rock star, Pink and together they share a daughter by the name of Willow Sage Hart. Carey has his own company known as the Hart & Huntington Tattoo & Clothing Company.

Though Hart is hailed as a hero on the field, with his innovative stunts, award winning maneuvers and trailblazing ways, his career did make him suffer from a number of injuries that include -two broken femurs, broken tibia and fibula as well as fractured wrists at a young age when he was riding on his home field and rammed into a stalled tractor that he did not see in his pathway. His other injuries include broken ribs and a fractured tailbone that almost ended his career.

However, things are looking up for Carey Hart. He made his mark on the scene, that quite frankly, no one else has been been able to conquer or break the record. We look forward to Hart at least trying to make a cameo on the track and give us a dazzle of his magic.